Robert S. Marks

Robert S. Marks
Prof. Robert S. Marks, (PhD, Weizmann Institute and postdoctorate University of Cambridge) has developed biosensors at the Ben Gurion University, Israel, in the last 15 years resulting in over 75 publications, 20 chapters, 4 granted patents, and founded 4 start-up companies. His work consists in the development of fiber-optic immunosensors (Ebola, Dengue, West Nile, Rift Valley fever viruses, and Hepatitis C, Brucella), and fiber-optic bioreporters biosensors for water monitoring (genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, heavy metals, endocrine disrupting compounds).

Other projects consist in nanotoxicity, development of a reverse genetics cell reporter assay to influenza, a bioreporter panel for the discovery of antibiotics from difficult to grow microorganisms, the discovery of quorum sensor inhibitors as well as epitopes from ebola sudan virus for diagnostics; nanobiotechnology, including nanolithography, nanometer scale structured surfaces for optical enhancement in fluorescence, Raman and infra-red, the creation of tailored nanomaterials including conductive or affinity hydrogels. He has chaired 13 conferences, has given 57 invited and 45 contributed lectures at conferences, 130 posters presentation with colleagues and students, and 130 academic lectures around the world.

He was an invited professor at the University of Maryland and several universities in Finland (1), France (3) and Italy (1).



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