Michele Maffia

Prof. Michele Maffia is an associate Professor of Physiology at the Department of Biological Science and Technology at University of Salento (Lecce, Italy). In 2017, he obtained the Ordinary Professor Enrollment in Physiology. Since 2001 is the Scientific Director of Adaptation Physiology Laboratory, University of Salento. Since 2008 is the Scientific Director of Clinical Proteomic Lab, University of Salento – ASL_LE (agreement). Since 2013 is Delegate of Unisalento Rector for Health and Director of Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research Applied to Medicine (DreAM), University of Salento-ASL_LE (agreement). In 1989, Prof Maffia received his PhD in Physiology at the University of Naples “Federico II”. In 1988, he spent a research period of one year in the Biochemistry Laboratory III, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, ETH (Polytechnic) Institute in Zurich (Switzerland). In 1999, he participate to the Italian Antarctic expedition and spent a research period of two months in the Italian Base, Sea of Ross, Antarctica.

Prof Maffia is an expert in the field of physiology and functional proteomic. His expertise, documented by more than 117 publications on high impact factor journals, 10 book chapters and more than 120 oral presentation to national and international congresses, is mainly focused on: i. metals dismetabolism; ii-neurodegeneration and neurorigeneration; iii. Oncology; iv clinical proteomic; v. physiology of nutrition. In the last 10 years, his research field was focused to the investigation of the biological basis of neurodegenerative and tumorigenic processes. He was invited in more than 10 international conferences and seminars He collaborates with some national and international Laboratories as: the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (NNL), Lecce, Italy; the Institute of Nutritional Science, University of Munich, Germany; the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH), University of Oslo, Norway; PRISM, Proteomique-Response Inflammatorie- Spectrometrie de Masse. University Lille, France.



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