Bajram Berisha

Bajram BERISHA graduated from the University of Prishtina, Kosovo (BSc), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (MSc) and Technical University of Munich, Germany (PhD and habilitation). He is a senior scientist with a long research experience in the area of animal physiology, genetics and biotechnology. His research work is concentrated in the regulation of final follicle growth and especially of angiogenesis during follicle development, periovulation as well as corpus luteum formation and function. Currently he focuses on the action of locally produced angiogenic and lymphangiogenic factors in ovary during different physiological stages. From 1996-2008 he worked at the Technical University of Munich and since 2008 he is full Professor at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. Currently Prof. dr. dr. habil. Bajram Berisha is a Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Munich.



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