Ariola Bacu

Prof. Dr. Ariola Bacu graduated in Biology in 1995 at University of Tirana, Albania, received DSPU and MSc in Biotechnology during 1998-2000 at the Center for Advanced Mediterranean Studies- CIHEAM, Greece, and obtained her PhD in Plant Molecular Biology-Biotechnology, 2003, at University of Tirana, Albania.

She worked at the Institute of Biological Research of the Academy of Sciences of Albania from 2000 to 2005 as a researcher, and form 2005-2008 as head of section of Molecular Biology. In 2008 she moved to the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Tirana as the head of the Department of Biotechnology from 2008-2016. She is a senior researcher and lecturer in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering in undergraduate and post-graduate programs.

As a researcher she was involved in molecular markers based evaluation of plant biodiversity; Characterization of gene families of importance for the production of secondary metabolites; Studies on modified expression of genes responsible for crops resistance toward environmental stresses, etc.

She has participated in more than 30 international and national RD projects, at 11 of them as coordinator, is coauthor in 5 monographies, author of many publications, two text-books for students, and supervisor of PhDs and MSc students.



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